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Torrey Montgomery

Torrey Montgomery

Connection Church:

Torrey Montgomery, has been in some capacity of ministry practically all of his life. He began as a church musician for his father's church, St. Stephens Baptist Church for over 10 years. Through music he served in many capacities of leadership. Pastor Torrey served as one of the music and arts directors for The Refreshing Church as well as a producer for the Fresh Entertainment Music group. He was part of two major projects, “Temple Praize” and Sounds of Jabez which was released at the Jabez Financial Conference held at the Potters House Dallas, Tx.


  • Pastor Torrey was later called into youth ministry where he served as pastor and an evangelist preaching at many youth conferences and revivals all over the region. Pastor Torrey currently serves as a mentor for the Oklahoma City Police department in their at-risk Youth Gang Prevention Program and Police Athletic League as a program instructor where he has the opportunity to reach out to thousands of inner city youth in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

    In 2008, Pastor Torrey was commissioned to launch Greater Kingdom Works International a non-denominational church that is designed to push a generation into their God-given potential and transform followers into leaders. God has opened many doors for Pastor Torrey. He travels frequently to East Africa to host pastors and leadership seminars and conduct crusades where several thousand lives have been changed and empowered spiritually, physically, and economically. Pastor Torrey has been a guest of TBN's Praise The Lord and many local and national radio shows.

    He is a highly sought after conference speaker and leadership coach to leaders worldwide. On October 28th, 2013 God directed Pastor Torrey to launch a church that is focused on reaching an unchurched generation. Greater Kingdom Works International transformed and began the process of reaching the world as Connection Church. Pastor Torrey is also the founder of Decree School of Ministry.

    He has been training ministry leaders for over five years in leadership, theology and practical ministry. Pastor Torrey also sits on the board of the Convenant of One a fellowship of churches which is a network for pastors to create unity in the Body of Christ. As an entrepreneur pastor Torrey has ran three successful martial arts schools. He holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and holds several championship titles both locally and nationally. Pastor Torrey is married to Janelle Montgomery and together have 3 wonderful children Jasmine, Torrion, and Tae LI. His personal life vision statement is “Everyone I come in contact with will come into full expression.”

Book and Quote

  • I wrote Lord Teach Me How to Fish because I feel there is a need for empowerment in our generation.

    Through observation and talking to hundreds of people I have found that many people have accepted their current situation as their final destination. People feel like there is no hope. I want people to understand that God has a great plan for all of His creation; we just have to discover that plan and follow it. That is ultimately what I means to find your "fish."
    ~ Torrey Montgomery

Book Reviews

  • "In a generation that is intoxicated with instantaneous gratification, loopholes, and shortcuts to wealth, Torrey Montgomery provides biblically ethical and pragmatic solutions that not only remind us of God’s promises and blessings, but also challenges us to be responsible for the opportunities that have been afforded to us. Replete with personal authentication and transparency, “Lord, Teach Me How to Fish” is destined to become an authority on balancing providential favor and personal accountability."

    ~ Dan A. Thomas, Jr.
    Lead Pastor, Chosen Generation Church

  • "Teach Me How To Fish, is probably one of the top 5 books that need to be in every readers library for this day and time. There's an old saying that says: "If you catch fish for someone, they'll eat for a day. But if you teach a person how to fish, you'll feed them for the rest of their life!" This book has a powerful and relevant revelation for every person who's trying to eat for life. If you're ready to create a constant flow of supply and tap into your stream, then get this book and get ready to launch into the deep."

    ~ Apostle Jeremiah M. Jones Sr.
    New Direction Ministries Church

  • "In every generation there are voices that God raises up to lead people out of dysfunctional cycles of restrictive mindsets that have limited their potential and into their divine destiny He has purposed for them. One of those ‘voices’ is my friend, Torrey Montgomery. I have found Torrey to not only be a creative and innovative leader who can clearly articulate the principles of breakthrough, but a man who is committed to living the truth he expounds! In the pages of this book you will hear a voice calling you into a new way of thinking, resulting in a new way of living. I challenge you to read each page with an open heart, expecting change!"

    ~ Bishop Tony Miller
    Destiny World Outreach

  • "This is a must read it kept my attention and it is what the body of Christ need to get into their spirt. I have been in and around church all my life I know "name it and clam it", give a thousand dollars and you will receive a blessing but some of them never taught us the principles that makes Gods word work for our life. If the word do not challenge my thinking and change it it will not help. Lord Teach Me How To Fish does just that. I've known Pastor Torrey Montgomery for about 8 years he is a man of integrity he loves people and it shows when you are blessed to be around him kept up the God work and be blessed."

    ~ Pastor Christopher Nubine
    Miracle Revival Center

  • "I've known Pastor Torrey Montgomery for only two years, but in that time have developed a strong respect for the anointing on his life and the obvious leadership skills present. "Excellence" is the word that comes to mind when I observe anything he is closely related to. He is in tune with the sound of fresh revelation coming from Heaven and what God is doing today in the Church. "Lord Teach Me How To Fish" is a perfect example of the type of Kingdom wisdom that I have seen him operate in throughout the past couple of years of ministering together. The book drew me into it immediately as I recognized the wisdom of God to "break old or wrong cycles", "overcome our own will in order to graduate to knowing God's will", "increase our capacity" and "develop Godly strategies." It expounds on foundational insight, relational insight and revelational insight, while teaching us another aspect of grace as "the empowerment of God's ability through you." Before I was halfway through it, I determined that it would become a regular part of the teaching curriculum in our church. I believe you'll be blessed by "Lord Teach Me How to Fish" and be prepared to change how you think!"

    ~ Mark Wallace
    Apostle/Overseer at The GRACE Center