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Dr. Emmanuel Favor

Dr. Emmanuel Favor

Trailblazers International Christian Center:


  • Dr. Emmanuel Favor is a unique voice that speaks hope and grace to this generation. He is a pastor, teacher and motivational speaker, distinguished by his innovative spirit, forward thinking and an unquenchable passion for individual and community transformation.

    He ministers the word with simplicity and understanding; his ministry has led him to speak to live audiences in more than a dozen countries and in four continents, both in the Christian as well as the secular arena. His integrity, humor and down-to-earth approach in delivering the Word, have earned him recognition, respect and the admiration of many.

    Besides being a pastor, he is also an author and an entrepreneur who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk when it comes to integrity, character and the exemplification of the principles of the Kingdom which he represents. Pastor Favor holds a Bachelors of Theology degree from Trinity College of Ministerial Arts. And an honorary doctorate in missions, awarded to him in recognition of his work and impact which cut across cultural and national boundaries.

    He is the founder and pastor of Trailblazers International Christian Center, a thriving multi cultural, non-denominational church in Baltimore Maryland.

  • Spending time with the Father in prayer each day is surety for permanent, lasting change and positive results.

    When you pray, believe that you have it already and you will. (Mark 11:24). I encourage you to keep this book handy and use it as a guide in your daily life and see the manifestation of confessing what God has already said and done in your life.

  • "As a pastor, it has been my privilege to teach and help people develop a prayer life and confidence in approaching God. I have seen first-hand the difference that prayer has made in my own life and countless others, who have decided to trust the Bible as the word of God and on that basis, engage in spiritual warfare through prayer. That is why I have written this book. It is intended to be a prayer training wheel for you, so that you can develop a strong and effective prayer life that is based on the word of God."