A Word From the Publisher – First Fruits Publishing, LLC

First Fruits Publishing represents the awesome power of God! In the book of Genesis as God created the Heavens and the Earth He spoke all things into existence. At every creation the scripture tells us that God said and God saw all that He had created. In November 2008, God said, “First Fruits Publishing”. With that He gave me three instructions and the scripture to order my next steps. God said, “I want you to start your own publishing company, I want you to publish your work and I want you to take on other authors under you.” Before I could open my mouth in protest or remind God of my inabilities He continued, “Go to a place that I will show you.” These were the same words that God spoke to Abraham as He ushered him into his destiny! (Genesis 12:1)
With nothing but a Word from God I began to walk towards my destiny. I know what you are saying, “All you need is a Word from God.” – you are exactly right! I immediately began to work the logistics required to establish First Fruits Publishing as a viable business and on August 2009 – God saw – First Fruits Publishing, LLC was publicly launched.
This journey has been an amazing one! It has changed the dynamics of my life in the most significant ways. This leap of unwavering faith has produced in me great courage! Great vision! And a confidence in the God that I serve that is unbreakable! My cup runs over, yet He continues to pour into me and I am grateful.
With the release of Dr. Emmanuel Favor’s book, Daily Confessions for Victorious Living: Prayers of an Overcomer, I can say that I have performed God’s Word to completion – mostly – I have several other authors that I am working with to publish work that will inspire, encourage and empower men and women of God all around the world!
To those who surround me with their love and support I say – Thank You!

To those who have entrusted me to publish their work, I say – Thank You!

To those who have purchased the books that First Fruits Publishing has produced, I say – Thank You!

To my God, whose arms I confidently rest in I say, Thank You. I am pleased with my portion!
My final thoughts to you, live life to the full until it overflows!

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